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I want to know everything about Malene Nootenboom​


The face behind BWR Dressage Academy is multiple grandprix rider,Malene Nootenboom. Who is Malene? And what is het drive?

My name is Malene Nootenboom, I was born in 1976 in the small village Rhoon, and ever since I was little I have been actively working with horses. Growing up, I got none of the “horse virus”, or horse love. Quite the contrary actually, horses smelled and because my dad was allergic, I had to change in the shed, no matter how cold it was outside.

Now, I have trained different sporthorses, and have a continuous circulation of sporthorses. I train my horses myself, and my goal is to bring out the best of the horse, while cooperating with it.

The past years, I have trained two very normal horses to the Grandprix level and I have released several horses in the basic sport and subtop.


When I started teaching lessons, I noticed there was an urgent need for more than just instruction. The people who reached out to me were looking for someone who could teach them to cope with the nervousness they had, while training their horses or on competitions.

Because of my background as an HR advisor and career coach, I could make a connection between the sport and the various coaching techniques to help people find the right way to good performances.

Additionally, I have also been able to train and correct many complicated horses, and know what it feels like to really be scared of a horse. Because of that knowledge and experience, I am able to further support and help people with that. I am also not a stranger to having nerves for a competition, but during the years I have also learned to look at that in a different light.

In addition to the horses, I worked as an HR advisor in Planning and Organization in the area of recruitment, selection and development until October 2016. I followed an MBO education specializing in Management and since, I have followed multiple studies and courses regarding career coaching and coaching in general. Additionally, I followed the HBO education Psychology and Coaching. By doing so, I am able to focus on the mental support of equestrians, next to the practical instruction while riding.

Of course, I am in possession of my ORUN 4 diploma, where I graduated with a 9 for the riding section and a 9 for my teaching abilities!

In 2020, I succeeded the HBO apprenticeship Sport Horse Manager as extra deepening in knowledge for myself. This apprenticeship is focused on feeding, exercise physiology, revalidation and overall health of the sporthorse. The study was written by the Bartels Instituut in collaboration with SMDC Heesch, vetenarian Anneke Hallenbeek and scientist Carolien Munsters.

I train weekly with Tonnie Huberts and I am a big fan of a training camp with former Olympic rider Ellen Bontje!


If you also want to know everything about my horses.....


BWR Icoon

Icoon was born in 2013 in the stables of Tim Coomans in Oud-Beijerland. His father is the famous stallion Glocks Dreamboy NOP from the mare Emorka from te stallion Don Schufro. The mother of Emorka is the famous mare Rita Morka from Jazz. Rita Morka gave birth to a lot of very special sporthorses and approved stallions!

I bought Icoon when he was 3.5 years old! He was already broken and I only took the training seriously again after the winter.

We started riding competitions in 2016. In 2020, we successfully made the switch to the subtop. In the meantime I’m riding Icoon in the Small Tour. The intention is that I will start him in 2023 in the Big tour.

BWR Lennox

Lennox was born in the year 2016 in the stables of Hendrik Jan de Wolde in Zuidwolde, Drenthe. Lennox also is a descendant of the dressage stallion Glocks Dreamboy NOP and the ster, preferente, performance, sport and prok-mare Winnie Wirdonie from Havel.

Winnie’s mom stems from the stallion Dillenburg, as well as being the mother of the grandprix horses Nimbly, Olympus and Luxform’s Popeye.

Lennox is with his third year quietly broken, after which I started training him myself.

Because Lennox is so overzealous, I have to keep the training very quiet.

In 2020 hI started a few comeptions. In the meantime I release it in level 3.

The goal is to make the switch to level 4 next summer.


BWR Now What

Now What is bred by Malene in collaboration with Hendrik Jan de Wolde. What’s father is the (by now gelded) Freischutz (Foundation x Del Martino) from the ster, IBOP and PROK mare Denice, who was brought out in the sport by Malene. Nowwhat is born in 2018.

Nowwhat has had some bad luck and therefore came home a little earlier than intended. He was quite ill from the swine disease Lawsonia.

After he was recovered I quietly started lunging. Yet that did not feel good and after a vet examination it turned out that he had an inflamed tooth root. That molar was then taken out.

After he recovered I finally started his education in 2022. Nowwhat is extremely diligent and eager to learn, but also quite a big boy!

I aim to start a few times at level2 in 2023 but it is absolutely not in a hurry!

BWR So What

So What is a sister of Now What and born in 2022 in Zuidwolde with breeder Hendrik Jan de Wolde. She is also from the ster, IBOP and PROK mare Denice, who was brought out in the sport by Malene.

The father of So What is the performance champion Nashville Star. Nashville Star is the first KWPN-approved son of Desperados FRH, who recently entered the top 10 of the WBFSH ranking. 

Unfortunately, Denice deceased when So What was 8 weeks old. She then had a foster mother and that went very well. 

So What is in the foal rear and she is doing very well there! She is growing fast and is fine in the group despite her unpleasant start without her own mother! So What will be prepared for the KWPN inspection in 2025!