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Am I really starting as a riding instructor? (part 3)

In my previous blog I wrote about my debut in the Lichte Tour level. Ever since, I’ve been training amazingly. With multiple horses I compete with and a 36-hour working week, and a few private lessons, it takes some planning. I do like planning anyway. As a young girl I didn’t like anything more than making lists on the computer. What am I taking with me on a competition, what am I taking to vacation, what do I own already and more importantly… what do I still want to buy. That last list was by far the most important.

Currently, I still have lists, but that’s my agenda, my things-to-do-at-work-list and my competition schedule. That last one I try to fill in as early as possible, so I can plan the rest of the activities around it. This way, I knew in January where I was competing at in the winter months. After my debut I started thinking hard about the goals I have with my horses. But not only with the horses. Also what I want myself. My heart has been with horses since I was young, but I’ve never dared to make it my job. And the question… is it still something I would want?

The lists were in high demand lately. List on the computer here, on a random piece of paper there, a piece on my phone and on the backside of the shopping coupon. What do I really want, the pros, the cons and even more plans. Following some sort of education? And which one? Because where do I want to go? And the horses? And giving lessons? What really makes me happy. That is the reason I put a new blog on the backburner for a while. Due to all the plans and ideas, I didn’t know what I was doing anymore. By now, I’ve mostly decided what I want and I have some appointments to talk about my future. And tja, it isn’t surprising. My dreams and thoughts are all build out of ideas and around the horses. That will all be continued, of course.

The last months, I also have a feeling of “The puzzle pieces are falling on their place”. Do you recognize that? Maybe it has to do with my future plans, or maybe I’m getting a bit crazy, but it’s certainly exciting! I had selected myself for the MacRider regional final with Whatnow. We tried our best and were allowed to come back a week later for the quarterfinals. A whole happening, of course. On Friday night, we tried our hardest, but we lacked experience in between those other combinations. Sadly, not on our way to the semi-
finals. A bit of a disappointment, but on the other hand it was a good learning moment. Definitely not pointless!

Suddenly, there was a Saturday off. That morning, I could sleep in and when I was having breakfast, the phone rang. A hurried voice: “Do you have something planned today? We are in desperation, we have a jubilee and a demonstration has been cancelled… Can you come?” I didn’t really have to think about it… I grabbed my stuff, hooked the trailer back on and made up what I wanted to show and tell on the way.

And that was so much fun to do! I simply showed and talked about what I do in my daily training and why I do it that way. Not very special for me, because it’s the daily routine for me. For the spectators it wasn’t the same. Because I built the training towards the exercises that are asked at the highest level, the public enjoyed watching and learned a thing or two. Whatnow also enjoyed himself and the applause was received with his ears perked. And poof… There was another puzzle piece… Because this could be added to the list: “Much fun!”

The competitions didn’t halt either. With Whatnow I started in the PSG for the second time. The anxiety was a lot less this time, and I dared to ride more during the test. After the test, I could filter nicely what I did well this time and what I have to pay attention to next time. During my test, a whole family came cycling by. Not that there is a cycling path next to the arena, but the roadside was apparently big enough to bike through. Two little boys on little bikes, with ratchet beads around the spokes, came cycling by with speed. They parked their bikes just behind the jury booth and went in search of… well… What are little boys really searching for? Father came after them and stopped in the middle of the arena to look at my performance. He let himself almost fall against the fence. A bit behind, the mother came cycling by. A child seat on the back of the bike. She had some difficulty because of that to come forwards through the grass.

You can already read it. My concentration was totally amazing. Ahum! I knew exactly what happened around the arena. Even though that isn’t completely true. I have seen and noted it all, but I knew to keep my focus on the lines in the test. If I was as busy with everything else as the text above suggests, I had stood still in the corner and my horse would’ve turned around and bolted toward the entrance. After I saw the bikers arrive in the corner of my eye, I forced myself to put my focus back on my test. That’s why my horse kept going. I felt he also discovered someone was running around behind the jury booth. And even so, my focus told us we had to ride through that corner and ride onto the diagonal to ride the pirouette.

After the pirouette the cyclers were still there, but my focus sent us through the corner again to go onto the diagonal for a series around the 4. And that way I knew, even through all these distractions, to keep focusing on what I was doing. It would’ve been amazing if I hadn’t noticed the bikers, but I’m not there yet. It will all come eventually. And due to this story, I encountered another puzzle piece… the mental aspect around riding competitions… I put that on the list too!

Also concerning stabling something has changed. Due to circumstances, I was looking for a different stable. With mixed feelings, because I enjoyed it at the previous location. Last month, I already moved to the new stable with my horses. Coincidence (or puzzle piece??) wanted that there was a job opening for the group lessons of the Friday night exactly at that stable I was having contact with. Before I went there, I didn’t know. And now I have the chance to give, next to the group lesson, private lessons to everyone who wants it. Also with people who don’t stable their horses at this exact barn.

Already a start of something new? Time will tell. For education number one, the application has been sent. The other education will follow quickly. A time will arise where everything will revolve around planning and organizing. And let that be one of my strongest assets. My puzzle has at least been almost finished. In my head I can see the picture it will

Addition: After I finished writing this piece I looked on Facebook. The first two posts:

“Love the life you live, Live the life you love” – Bob Marley
“You know all those things you always wanted to do? You should do them!” – Author

Yes, yes, the message is clear! The tables are going to be turning!


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