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Learning to perform positively with individual guidance!



Through BWR Dressage Academy you can get individual instruction and assistance. This assistance will be given on your own location, or on the grounds of Hoeve Michels in Numansdorp.

Malene uses a CEECOACH instruction set, which enables her to use a microphone (transmitter) during the training, while you wear a receiver with an earpiece. This way you can concentrate better and have less distractions out of your surroundings.


During these lessons you will learn to train your horse in a way that is understandable and executable by both rider and horse. Naturally, this is not the same for any combination. Each combination is unique. The structure of the lesson will be completely adjusted to the learning capability of both horse and equestrian.

Towards competition
Depending on the level of training, during the lessons you will work toward an enjoyable preparation for the competitions. This training will be built up step by step.

During the training, the emphasis will be on the healthy and easy going horse, who reacts to light aids and who relaxes under a rider who is well seated and who moves along nicely. When this is reached in the training, the combination will be able to learn to perform better during competitions.

The equestrian can then focus on correctly riding the tests, without having to worry if the horse is actively cooperating.

All levels
Malene gives lessons from levels B to Grandprix.


What can you expect?

Individual attention for equestian and horse!! During the training, long-term and intermediate goals will be set up, and there will be reflection and training towards competitions!

The lessons will consist mostly of improving the basics, of both equestrian and horse. Without a proper basic posture, it’s hard for the horse to train correctly. The basics will be inserted by the “Scala der Ausbildung”, of which all compartments are interwoven when the combination is ready for it.

From a correct basis, you will work towards the performance in the competition ring, during which the mental aspect also comes into play.

Learning to perform with enjoyment for both equestrian and horse is the basic principle!

Good to know!

  • There is a high demand for instruction by Malene. 
  • You can get weekly or every other week private lessons! This way, the progress will be guaranteed! You can take small steps, and get to work on your homework in calmness and relaxation!
  • If you are unable to attend, you must cancel the lesson 24 hours in advance This way, there will be an opportunity to move the schedule around. If you cancel within 24 hours, you will still owe the tuition fee.

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